Mr Vanesh Gokal (Academic Activist)

Pg 4 13 Physics.cdr

I must admit that when I first I picked up the book, I felt that I had to read it because you are my friend, and heck, you cannot let a friend down.

But then I read the first paragraph, and the next, and soon was more than halfway through the book, and it was almost 1:30am!

Got to get up early for school. Damn! I could not put the book down. I finally went to bed, and eagerly waited to complete reading the book the next evening, which I did. Brilliant!

I enjoyed your writing style. The ease of reading made it pleasurable, and I could visualize the events of your life as if I was there as well! I could identify with so many things! Very vivid in my mind is that dusty, road you described. That section of the book (and that section of the road as well!) said much more about your life than the road itself. That road connected two different worlds that appeared to be a universe apart. Powerful stuff there, B.P.

The title is apt.  This title says so much.

This is a book that everyone must read. It spans a lifetime, but a type of lifetime that is part of everyone’s life. “When the Chalk is Down” brought back so many memories for me, so many things long forgotten, and I found this very satisfying indeed.

It is very interesting to examine the events of your life, the decisions you had to make, the route you had to take, and the simple yet profound persistence you practiced. I am sure that many people will find similar events in their own lives, but may have handled it similarly or differently.  And I think that it is because of this similarity and difference that makes When the Chalk is Down a “must read”.

The humour captured in the school events in particular, was so apt, you have no idea!

B.P, well done, keep it up. I am very proud of you.

So, when is the movie coming out? Now, I am not joking here!

Once again, well done on a brilliant book!