Mrs Mala Gounden (Poet & Author)


A life affirming, bitter-sweet story blended with discrimination, poverty, patience, endurance and inspiration. A story that encompasses and totally absorbs you into the life of one terribly passionate individual who lets nothing and no one stand in his way, an educator, an activist but above all a Son.

Buffelsdale, Tongaat, becomes home base as we embark on our travels from the sandy crossings of the Emona River to the potholed roads of Newcastle. Written with such vivid descriptions that the reader journeys with the author through every bend, speed-bump, and crossroad, experiencing his anger, his frustration, his struggle, his unwavering determination and eventually his much deserved victory. It’s a real rollercoaster ride from hot fury and withered hope to really humorous episodes. The reality of the story augurs true for so many people who can identify with the story. Its people like BP Singh that have gone through the grinding mill, stood up and spoke out and have cleared a much smoother path for the generation after.

We come to befriend many colourful characters and some we will keep at a distance. But our respect, our admiration and our praise go to none other than the protagonist, Mr BP Singh himself who teaches us important life lessons. No matter how much difficulties life threw him he grabbed on and moved forward. We applaud his dedication to his work, his parents and his beliefs. We marvel at the author’s adversity, challenges and achievements.

Every reader will take away something special. I highly recommend this book to anyone that enjoys a Phenomenal read!

Splendidly written!!!  Truly inspirational! It made for a thoroughly enjoyable read!!

Well Done Prakash !  A fantastic Book. I wish you every success!!