Ms Vani Moodley (Independent Consultant: Leadership, Management, International SMME Trainer and Trainer of Trainers


“When the Chalk is Down” is a prudent, brutally honest and cryptic account of basic human needs, that erred a struggle for justice, recognition of human rights and instinctive activism that moves from the self to the socio-economic environment of BP’s real world. The reconciliation of real life events to concepts related to personality types (energies), management and leadership styles in the educational environment cleverly underpins the challenges faced in the apartheid era and the transition to the post apartheid era. The post apartheid era is brought to the fore with its jubilation and disappointments. The perpetrators, comrades who constructively use and abuse power, casualties and victims are brilliantly highlighted! The book represents BP’s catharsis from pure activism to distinguished leader, acquired through the process of focussed determination, introspection and recognition from beyond that facilitates the process of finding his inner peace – a point of centred energy! An exorcism of sorts! A capturing and brilliant read!