Dr Ravi Govender (KZN Department of Arts & Culture: Strategic Director)

Sometimes in life, one question’s the sequence or chronology of events that pass to give existence to a new found value and on other occasions, one is tempted to use the delete button to erase those that do not seem so enterprising and exciting.

After reading When The Chalk Is Down, I am convinced that life is a balance of fortunate and unfortunate experiences, with the human spirit alive and active ready to lift one to new and unconquered heights. The pen in this literary work has a firm root which is steep in tradition, practice, ethic and principle amidst everything that is tossed into the field of existence. It certainly boomerangs with the eternal spirit and energy of life that forms character. The author is able to touch the human values in the laboratory of life, but endeavors   to make the decisive cuts of agents that stem and radiate authority with a profound smile and with an unblemished sterility for the truth in both action and thought. This action alone gives When The Chalk Is Down a sense of uniqueness and literary expression which is unparalleled by anything that came before.


The author has opened the lens to struggle and opportunity, trust and honesty that is flowered along the enduring doctrines of righteousness, with a quest to bring healthy and productive value to the world without any form of contamination.


When reading the publication: When The Chalk Is Down, I remember the famous words of John Holt an educationist who stated that the true test of intelligence is not how much you know but what you do when we don’t know what to do. The publication When The Chalk Is Down gives this credo a great sense of reverence. It illustrates the road of self discovery of the educator, the uncompromising principles of fairness, equality, the position of happiness and compassion that is seasoned with a valiant chemistry of tonics to ensure the wellness of each situation and life experience as well as existence.


The publication: When When The Chalk Is Down, highlights the universal thoughts of all educators in a particular space in time. The human values endure a minefield of actions that are contained in a climate of change, where philosophies shift from those in a public to a private stage which is always awakening a giant within the being.


When The Chalk Is Down, it is really a conscious offering by the author to close the lid upon business and adventurous missions that have been completed and fully addressed. In the process there is an element of closure. However there is continuance in the journey forwards a newfound purpose that will bring about a rich and more productive quality of life. It also stitches another powerful thread to the legacy of just not one life but a relationship, to a family, a community, a nation and humanity.


I sincerely hope that this book will propel the qualities of love, peace, tolerance and understanding, and that our master developers of our civilization who are our educators will reaffirm their commitment to building the leaders of the future.