Dr Chandini Singh (Artist; Lecturer at University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, SA


Life has taken you on a winding and never ending journey of fate, coupled with hopeful dreams of destiny. Moments of trials and tribulations escorted you to unforeseen destinations and challenges through the Great God’s guidance and companionship. It was the Great God alone, Who welcomed you into the remotest of places, no one has ever dreamed of or ever imagined, sights that never existed in most mind’s eye, a wakeup call for me, and I am sure it will be for hundreds of ignorant readers in the near future. I read for the first time to my heart’s desire in anticipation of what follows next, the authentic mysteries of life.

Get up South Africa, listen to your heart, follow your conscience and be inspired by those who have a great deal to offer by way of research. There are indeed very few great leaders, one of them is, you, my dear friend. May God bless and keep you in His arms, looking out for fresh ideas, pastures and hopes for us to follow your example. Go well my friend, your ability as an educator and a writer has astonished me. We all have a great deal to learn from your example, a journey we fail to travel.

Your book has definitely given me a great sense of empowerment, a spirit of freedom, new hope of upliftment and exhilaration. I know for a fact that you have made a difference in many people’s lives. Your deep concern for family is noteworthy, many still have to learn from this dynamic example you reflect, by your great love and affection in your constant reference to your parents and spouse.

You have produced an excellent piece of work. You have travelled well and achieved greatness in its purest form. After reading your book, all your life’s experiences are now with me, as I feel that I have lived it as well. Your mom and dad, although no more, I am most certain that you have no regrets for the deep sense of commitment and love you showered upon them. You have honestly made them truly proud of your achievements. May God always guide and protect you as you endeavour to inspire others and reach your goal in life. A great educator……a dynamic achiever……well done.

God bless.